Studio Policies


  To achieve the most beneficial results, regular class attendance is important. Per our studio's policy, the only acceptable reason for missing a class is due to illness or family bereavement. If a student misses a class due to any other reason, our studio will not prorate, refund or credit for that unattended class.

  If a student misses a class without proper notification (3 hour notice) as specified via email or phone to our studio, regardless of reason for the absence, Silhouette Dance Studio shall reserve the right to deny refund for that class.

  Our studio reserves the right to modify our class schedule based on business needs at our own discretion, and will notify our customers of this change.


  Due to the fact that there are months during the year which have five weeks and no additional charge is made, full tuition is expected during months which include a holiday.


  When a student enrolls, his/her place in class is reserved for the year. If the student wishes to withdraw from a class, please notify the dance studio so that we can fill the place in class with someone on our waiting list.


  While in class, each student is expected to show respect for the instructor and the other members of the class. Our students learn to respect others as we treat them with respect. We expect each student to participate fully during class. However, no student is expected to do any more than what he/she is capable of doing.

Please arrive on time as every minute of each class is of value. It is also disruptive to the class when students arrive late. If the student is early, please be prepared to wait in the reception area and enter the classroom when invited by the teacher.

Please visit the restroom before class.

No food or drinks in the studio area. No gum anywhere.

Come to class in dance attire - including shoes. If you come to class in inappropriate clothing or street shoes, you will be asked to watch class instead of participating.

Be prepared to fully concentrate on the lesson during class time. Visit your friends before and after class, but not during.

Practice during the week so you will come to class prepared to briefly review and then move on to learning something new.

Offensive language and/or behavior will not be tolerated.

Use of cell phones is not permitted in the classroom.


  • Black leotard (short-sleeve bodysuit preferred), pink dance tights, and black dance skirt.
  • Black leotard or top, black fitted Jazz pants.
  • White T-shirt, black jazz pants or shorts.
  • Jazz, Character, Ballroom, and Ballet dance shoes.
  • Hair is to be worn up in a bun or secured neatly away from the face.


  The annual student recital will be presented at the end of the dance year. Every effort is made to make this performance as professional as possible. We would like to keep the cost of production as low as possible. Thus, the participation fee of $20 will be charged prior to annual performance.


  Silhouette Dance Studio provides its students with the costumes for all performances throughout a year. So, there will be an annual costume rental fee which is due to 1st of October of each year. The rental fee is specified in the fee structure breakout listed below. Please note that this rental fee is non-refundable.

An annual costume rental fee as listed per group:

  • $40 - Tiny and Mini.
  • $60 - Pre-Bravo, Bravo, Pre-Teens, and Teens.

In the event that a costume is returned after the performance under any of the following circumstances as listed below, then the full price of the costume will be charged to the customer's account.

  • Costume is returned dirty and cannot be cleaned
  • Any costume piece is missing


  At the time of registration, a one time non-refundable fee of $25.00 per family is required.


  Please print the registration form, fill it out, sign, and bring along with registration fee to the 1st class.

  Click on icon to download Registration Form.

Registration Form


  Each month, tuition is due during the first class of that month. If you would like to pay for more than one month at a time you may. Cash and personal checks are accepted. If checks are returned from the bank, the bank fee will be charged. If any problems should arise, we will gladly work with you individually.

  Regarding our payment policy, we provide a fixed monthly fee per month to attend our classes which cover your 1 class per week, and 4 total classes for the entire month. In cases where a month has a total of 5 weeks, you are not charged for that additional 5th class within that month. However, Silhouette Dance Studio reserves the right to not provide a refund if one class is missed for any reason in a month that includes 5 weeks. Furthermore, if you miss more than 1 class in the month that has a total of 4 weeks for acceptable reason, our studio will provide a maximum refund for 1 missed class only.

Checks must be made payable to "Silhouette Dance Studio".

Returned Checks are subject to a $ 20.00 fee.

LATE FEE:  If tuition received after 10th of the month, a $20.00 late fee per that month will be applied to outstanding accounts.

Discount:  Parents, who have 2 children enrolled in classes at our dance studio, are entitled to 10% discount of total tuition cost.

Bring a friend to the class and you will get 25% off your next month’s tuition!


1 class per week 45 min $60
2 classes per week 90 min $110
1 class per week 1 hour $75
1 class per week 1.5 hour $110
2 classes per week 2 hours $130
3 classes per week 3 hours $160
4 classes per week 4 hours $190
Drop-in 1 hour $20


1 person 30 min $40
1 person 45 min $60
2 People 60 min $75
3 People 60 min $90
4 People 60 min $105

*** Policies are subject to change. Information is added throughout the dance season. ***

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