Tiny 3-4 years old 45 min
Mini 5-6 years old 60 min
Pre-Bravo 7-8 years old 60 min
Bravo 9-10 years old 60 min
Pre-Teens 11-12 years old 60 min
Teens 13-14 years old 60 min
Juniors 15-16 years old 60 min
Seniors 17 years old and up 60 min
Silhouette Dance Theater Adults (per invitation only) 60 min

SCHEDULE  2017–2018

Private A B           12:00PM-1:00PM
Private B B   3:00PM-4:00PM        
Solo A 3:00PM-4:00PM     3:00PM-4:00PM    
Tiny A A         5:00PM-6:00PM  
Tiny B A   5:15PM-6:00PM        
Mini A B           9:45AM-10:30AM
Mini B TBA          
Pre-Bravo A 5:00PM-6:00PM          
Bravo B           10:30AM-12:00PM
Teens A       4:30PM-5:30PM    
Adults-SDT A         6:00PM-7:00PM  


  • A - 2385 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008
  • B - 1824 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA 95124



    Creative Movement class is offered to children 3 - 6 years old. It will introduce them to movement, music, and rhythm, as well as body discipline and awareness. This class is designed to develop appropriate skills for this particular age group including pre-positions of the arms and legs and increase coordination with skipping, hopping, and turning patterns. Emphasis is placed on fun and the development of positive self-esteem as the child enters one of his or her earliest classroom situations. In addition to dancing, children learn to take turns and share within a group.


    This class will introduce students to variety of dance styles including social ballroom in a form of formation dance, modern dance,
pre-ballet, and of cause to folk dance. It improves the foundation of dance skills and brings complexity to dance movements.
It is segregated by the student's ability level to emphasize creative movements, rhythm, and coordination.

SPIRIT OF DANCE ( Pre-Teens, Teens )

    We offer classes for pre-teens and teens that introduce them all forms of dance, as well as provide them an opportunity to excel and progress into higher levels as they perfect their technique. Students will be introduced to more advanced dance styles such as Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary.


    Ballroom dancing is a couple's dance where couple moves using step-patterns and rhythms that match the character of a given music. It does not require any special skills or dance ability. By learning simple dance steps and their associated timing, you can find yourself quickly out on the dance floor having fun while dancing. This style of dance is an activity you can enjoy at any age. It is a skill that, once learned, can be used for your entire life. It is also a wonderful lifestyle addition to help keep you healthy and fit. This class will focus on bringing joy during performance on stage and be a part of a dance theater production. We think that once in our lives we have all dreamed of being an actor or being on stage. This class will give you an opportunity to fulfill your dream. We know that not all people are ready to perform on stage and that is why this class is offered per invitation only.

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