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Irina Mantel, Artistic DirectorIrina Mantel
Artistic Director and Choreographer

      Irina has always loved to dance since she was born. Her parents first noticed her passion for it and decided to sign her up for a dance studio at their small town. Within moments, her dream came true and she started learning the mystery of dance as it quickly became a part of her soul. After a while her talent and tendency to be one of the best among the students was quickly noticed by one of her mentors who advised her parents to pursue the development of her dance skills by going to the Choreography College of Tashkent City. Taking the advice of her teacher, she went to an audition and passed with flying colors and graduated with honors in 1981.
      From 1981 to 1996 she was working at Tashkent Musical Theater. She really enjoyed the experiences this theater had to offer, especially due to the different styles of dance. Over time, Irina was able to adapt and expand upon her passion in choreography and grow as a part of it. She engaged in solo performances as well as entourage and excelled at both. She has traveled extensively throughout countries (Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Litva) and shared her talent among a variety of viewers.
      In 1997 she immigrated to the United States and has happily continued the pursuit of her aspirations in choreography. For the last ten years since her move to the US, Irina has worked as a ballet instructor and choreographer at various dance studios in the Bay Area. Now, given the opportunity to evolve in western culture and integrated with her knowledge, she hopes to pass on her craft and love of dance to her students.

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